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Staying healthy is difficult enough without adding extra stressors like missing appointments or waiting too long to get in. 

A lot of people are under the impression that they only need an annual checkup, but this couldn’t be further from reality! You should see your doctor at least once per month because otherwise there could be something preventing you from feeling good- which would lead into more serious medical problems down the line if left untreated. 

Benefits of using Telehealth include: 

  1.  Discuss non-emergency medical issues with a doctor by phone or online at your convenience. 
  2. Access licensed medical professionals and choose from a variety of options and specialities. 
  3. Very cost-effective for patients who do not have insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover certain services. 
  4. Prescribe medication and renew prescriptions 

Telemedicine has made it easier than ever to get medical treatment. It can also be a more affordable alternative for people without insurance who need quick access and expertise that they might not otherwise be able find in their local area, especially if you’re having problems with something as complicated or serious like cancer care where time is crucial! 

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